About the Editor

Jamie York, the editor of this compilation on Manifest Destiny, is an activist and humanist scholar whose academic interests include historical causation and mass media criticism. He was awarded the 15th “best censored” news story of 1993 and is the author of Freeing the Media of Corporate Control: A Meiklejohnian Approach.

York has had a storied life, working as an Army corpsman, nursing assistant, laborer, groundskeeper, welder, railroad trackman, news reporter, picture framer, gift shop manager, prison administrative assistant, flea market merchant, ESL tutor and substitute teacher. He is also a poet and a singer-songwriter and has lived in Portland, Ore., Tustin, Calif., Boulder, Colo., and Deer Lodge, Mont. He currently resides in Ohio and works with autistic and MRDD kids.

“I am not interested in telling people what to think,” he says, “but I try to find small ways to set a positive example and to show them that there are other ways of thinking, other possibilities. The rest is up to them.”

You can find Jamie on Twitter by following mediagonebad.

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